Saba Studios Drags, Zooms and X-Rays Electric Submersible Pumps


Saba Studios Drags, Zooms and X-Rays Electric Submersible Pumps

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Schlumberger approached Saba Studios, looking for an innovative method to showcase their Electric Submersible Pump System at tradeshows. The objective was to give prospects a realistic peek into the system and its components, while providing insight to the inner workings and product specifications. Saba Studios designed and developed a touchscreen interaction which did just that.

Saba Studios leveraged their photo-realistic 3D modeling capability and coupled it with interactive programming to make a powerful and engaging tool, which gave users a first row experience in exploring the system.

The interaction empowers the user to select a tool and drag it to the ‘stage’. Once on stage, the user can zoom in for a closer look, turn on “X-Ray” mode to view the tool’s internals and drag the tool horizontally to pan it.

Hot spots appear throughout the tools, which allow users to tap and launch an animated movie clip, which showcases how that particular component works. In some instances, users can ‘turn on’ motors and other process to view how they work.

Additionally, product specifications can be ‘pulled’ down from the top and an “Other Technologies” link is available to tap and spawn full feature animations of other available products and offerings.

Last but not least, the interaction was wired to communicate with a lighting system on the exhibit. When a tool was dragged to the stage, the interaction would turn on a spotlight facing the actual model of that tool. This type of hardware integration not only made the project more challenging, but took the interactive features of the exhibit to whole new level.

To view more screenshots of the project, click here.

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