Saba Studios Launches Honeywell Interactive and Mobile App


Saba Studios Launches Honeywell Interactive and Mobile App

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Honeywell is an American multinational conglomerate company that produces a variety of commercial and consumer products, engineering services, and aerospace systems for a wide variety of customers, from private consumers to major corporations and governments. But what many don’t know (including people in the industry), is that Honeywell is heavily involved in the offshore gas business.

Honeywell commissioned Saba Studios to produce a digital solution that would help build awareness of their offerings and educate existing clients and prospects as to how they’re involved.

honeywell-FLNG_windowSaba Studios produced an interactive solution that would expand across several platforms – touchscreens, mobile and web. The touchscreen was designed for large platform trade shows, the mobile for tablets and the web for Honeywell’s website.

Saba Studios built 3D models of vessels in an offshore environment and wrapped it into touchscreen interface, which would allow users to tap a vessel and ‘fly’ up to it to reveal its offerings. Once a user selects an offering, an information window would spawn, with details and marketing and technical documents within a click’s reach.

Additionally, Saba Studios produced a 3D animation which takes the viewer on a virtual journey through the offshore world, as it touches upon Honeywell’s offerings along the way. The video is can be launched from inside the application.

“What we did was actually build a 3D digital catalog of Honeywell’s offshore gas offerings”, commented Michael Saba, president of Saba Studios. “It’s eye candy surrounded with product and service descriptions, supported by tons of marketing and technical documentation, organized in a single application”.

To learn more about the project, view additional screenshots here.

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